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We have an inheritance of wonderful historic parks and gardens created by previous generations. They are all around us, where we live, work and play. Cheshire Gardens Trust believes that we have a duty to conserve this heritage so that it can be enjoyed by people now and in the future.

Our Role

Cheshire Gardens Trust contributes to consultations on planning policy nationally and locally, and comments on planning applications which directly or indirectly affect historic designed landscapes. In order to do this we consider what is important about a site, its significance, and the impact of proposed changes on that significance. Will proposals safeguard and enhance a heritage landscape or diminish and degrade it?

In undertaking this activity, Cheshire Gardens Trust liaises closely with Conservation officers at The Gardens Trust. Local planning authorities have a statutory duty to consult the Gardens Trust on all planning applications that may affect historic designed landscapes on Historic England’s Register, sites which are graded – Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II. The combination of local knowledge and specialist expertise means that we are able to make an informed contribution on planning matters.

For further information see:
'The Planning System in England and the
Protection of Historic Parks and Gardens'.

How You Can Help

Some local planning authorities inform Cheshire Gardens Trust of planning applications affecting non designated historic landscapes but in other instances they do not and we may miss commenting on an important case unless it is brought to our attention by local people. We rely on volunteers to undertake the necessary assessment of cases, undertake site visits and draft responses. If this is an activity that is of interest, please contact us.

For further information on planning cases please see the Planning Log.

Map of Historic Designed Parks and Gardens with Local Authority Boundaries within the Cheshire Historic Area

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