Protecting the Present

Protecting the Present
White Lodge, Tabley - September 2017
As the population has grown over two centuries, so towns have spread ever outwards and gardens that were once famous locally or nationally have succumbed to development. 

The pressure remains and a careful balancing act is needed between preserving the past and building for the future. Helping provide the local authority with the information it needs to make decisions is vital. Only this way can planners ensure that development is sensitive to the land, its history and us-the user!

There is a whole range of tasks to be undertaken here, starting with volunteers keeping an eye on planning applications in their area. Click HERE to inform us of a planning application which you believe may affect a designed landscape.

White Lodge, Tabley September 2017

Here is a current example of the work of the Conservation & Planning Group in connection with inappropriate changes within the registered parkland (Grade II) of Tabley House (Grade I).  Click below to download the story so far.... 'A Tale from Tabley'

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