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Cheshire has a great wealth of parks and gardens, both historic and modern. Some are well known and beautiful while others have been lost forever. Some are hidden and are ready to be rediscovered. CGT works at different levels to identify, conserve and promote those gardens through enthusiastic volunteers, professionals, owners, managers and other organisations.

Research and Recording: CGT is documenting these historic designed landscapes from the medieval times to the 21st century. Volunteers have also been digitally transferring the ledgers of Caldwell Nurseries which operated in Knutsford for nearly 200 years. For more information see Caldwells Nurseries Project website

Protecting Cheshire's Parks and Gardens (Planning and Conservation):
Our parks and gardens are always under threat of loss or questionable change. CGT takes an active role in assessing planning applications and making considered comment on important sites such as Marie Louise Gardens (Didsbury), 'BeWilderwood' Outdoor Adventure Attraction at Tatton Park and High Speed Rail 2.

And a happy outcome has now been achieved (August 2020)  in the the listing by Historic England of the watercourse of the Cadbury Factory (1952), now Burton Foods at Moreton, Wirral, which was designed by one of the most respected landscape architects of the 20th century, Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe.  Read more about The Serpents of Moreton Marsh by downloading the PDF at the bottom of this page.

History and Development of Parks and Gardens:
History is much more than dates and plants; it is about people, ideas and aspirations. Owners, designers, gardeners, managers, nurserymen, writers and artists have all influenced the garden. You can find information on some gardens at Historic England's list of sites in Cheshire

Education and Training: To help you understand gardens, CGT has numerous visits to different gardens and often with a specific focus. These form part of an education theme along with specific training events such as reading historic maps and even training in reading horrible handwriting! Other events have focused on IT skills, plant propagation, etc. Let us know  HERE what you would like to do and we will try to do it.

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