Lend a Hand ... with Events

Lend a Hand ... with Events
If you have ever organised your family for a day out you'll know what is involved. Here are some of the things the Events Group undertakes.

Setting up a visit:
Where to go? What would be the best time? What will it cost? How many people can we expect? What should we charge?

Then there is the paperwork:
Drafting the events mailing. Taking bookings. Sending out joining instructions. Preparing the attendance list. Banking cheques. Reporting the event.

And last, the follow-up:
Taking photographs. Writing a report for the newsletter.

If you prefer a 'back room' job, with some events we just need help setting up, serving tea and coffee and clearing up afterwards.

Please email us at events@cheshire-gardens-trust.co.uk or click HERE for our address if you want to Lend a Hand.

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