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Visit to a Sculptor's Garden in Eyam, Derbyshire

Our events team provides us with some wonderful experiences., organising visits to gardens less well known, perhaps very rarely opened. 

On these visits, often it is the owner or head gardener who will show us round.  Hearing the stories behind the garden provides a whole new dimension to the visitor experience. It's not surprising that our summer garden visits are very popular. Our regular Newsletter includes short reports about visits and also winter talks and will give you a better idea of the range of events. Members are also encouraged to contribute text and photos for these. Please look through our Newsletter archive and you will be able to read all about these fantastic events.

Following the success of the talks held via zoom during the winter lockdown in 2020-21, the Events Team is pleased to provide details of two talks via zoom in the early months of 2022. 

As with the previous series, these talks will be free. Both talks will start at 2pm and will last for about hour and a half. 
These fascinating talks detail incredible extensive work to ensure that our garden legacy continues to delight all those who visit.  

We hope you will join us for these interesting talks. Please e-mail Margaret Blowey ( with your details to be sent the zoom link, together with some helpful notes on the use of zoom, in advance of each meeting. An early response would be most appreciated. 

The Events Team was proposing to arrange two further zoom talks with speakers from further afield on 30th November 2021 and 1st February 2022.

We are sorry to report that the speaker on 30th November unfortunately is unavailable at this time through unforeseen circumstances: it is hoped, however, that the proposed talk on the Gardens of St Peterburg can be rearranged for a future date. 

We are hoping also to arrange a further zoom talk on Tuesday 1st February, details of which are awaited early in 2022. 

Tuesday 1st February, 2pm
The Cote d'Azur - the English dream of paradise, Stephanie Knoblich

Tuesday 1<sup>st</sup> February, 2pm<div style='margin: 5px 0px;'><span>The Cote d'Azur - the English dream of paradise, Stephanie Knoblich<span></div>

1st February 2pm

The Events Group has expanded its field of activity! The next CGT talk via Zoom to take place on Tuesday 1st February 2022 at 2pm. We are delighted that our speaker will be Stephanie Knoblich, writer, journalist with a passion for gardens, Stephanie has researched and written about modern and historical gardens, primarily in German and French.  For those Cheshire Gardens Trust members  who took part  in the Garden Tour in Germany a few years ago, she has been working with Schloss Dyck on their events and exhibitions for many years.  Stephanie now lives in the south of France. 
Stephanie is very pleased to speak on the wonderful topic of the gardens in France, The Cote d’Azur: an exotic paradise for English Garden lovers. In this talk, Stephanie promises to whisk you off from the winter gloom of the UK to the warmth of the southern coast of France from Saint Tropez to Menton.  From the late 18th century, the Cote d’Azur became a privileged destination of aristocrats and plant collectors for its sweet climate and the intense light. And it was the English who played such an important role in the discovery and formation of the C?te d’Azur. With their passion for botany they created magnificent gardens, in which they experimented with acclimatization of exotic plants, which in England they could keep just in their green houses. These gardens gained international renown and received visits from European monarchies, including Queen Victoria, as well as many artists and famous people. Stephanie has indicated that there is so much totell us, that we might have to invite her for a second talk! 

Please email Margaret Blowey if you would like to join us and she will send a zoom link

We hope you can join us on 1st February for this exciting and interesting talk. 
All best wishes from the Events Team   
Cost: free
Event Contact: Margaret Blowey

Tuesday 15th March, 2pm
The Discovery and Development of the Garden at Plas Cadnant, Anthony Tavernor, Plas Cadnant, Anglesey

Tuesday 15<sup>th</sup> March, 2pm<div style='margin: 5px 0px;'><span>The Discovery and Development of the Garden at Plas Cadnant,  Anthony Tavernor, Plas Cadnant, Anglesey<span></div>

Zoom talk

Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens have undergone a dramatic transformation over the last quarter of a century. The gardens, with contrasting formal and picturesque elements, extend to some 10 acres. In his talk Anthony Tavernor will journey through Plas Cadnant’s history from the early 19th Century; through its heyday and decline; to the rediscovery and restoration of the gardens over the last 24 years. 

Anthony’s determination and perseverance to bring the gardens, hidden for so long, back to former glory, is highly commendable. His fascinating talk is not to be missed! Further details of Plas Cadnant can be found at  
Cost: Free
Event Contact: Margaret Blowey

 All best wishes from the Events Team   

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