Cheshire's Non-Designated Parks and Gardens


Trust volunteers have focused on the research and recording of non designated parks and gardens of which there are over 400 in Cheshire. Some of these sites have the potential to be of national significance but many will be local heritage assets. Completed reports are submitted to owners, the relevant local authority, Cheshire Archives and Local Studies who make the information available in local libraries, and Cheshire Historic Environment Record (CHER). Reports are also available from the Trust on request. Please contact us if you have queries regarding a potentially historic park and garden.

Note:  Reports have been completed for those sites in capital letters.  * indicates a Short Draft report.   

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Parks and Gardens in HALTON (South of Mersey)

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Bank Chambers

Beaconsfield House


HALTON GRANGE (now Runcorn Town Hall)
HALTON GRANGE (now Runcorn Town Hall)

HALTON GRANGE (now Runcorn Town Hall)

Halton Grange was built in the 1850s as a residential property for a local soap manufacturer. The grounds were laid out in 1853-4 by Edward Kemp.
In 1932 the property and a small portion ofthe surrounding land were sold to Runcorn District Council who took it over as council offices. Many original features survive inside the building and elements of Kemp's layout and features remain in the grounds. The kitchen garden has been lost to council offices. Halton Grange is now known as RuncornTown Hall and belongs to Halton Borough Council.

Principal remaining features:
  • House, listed Grade II The longwalk
  • Sandstone retaining wall with niche
  • Sectionsof wall associated with the kitchen garden and outbuildings
  • An ornamental pond
  • Parkland trees
Research:Halton Grange, Runcorn: CGT Report TEXT
Halton Grange, Runcorn: CGT Report IMAGES

Norton Priory


The Elms, Moore

Waterloo House

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